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I have been out of town the last two weekends. I use the term “out of town” loosely, because the first weekend, I was at my Mom’s. Granted, I live in Vancouver proper, and she lives in Coquitlam; roughly 30 kms away. I did stay over at her place both the Friday and the Saturday, due to a certain young man being there:

This is the love of my life, my (not so) baby nephew. On the Saturday, my big brudder and his girlfriend went out for an 11-hour adventure, without their little dude. Auntie Megan was more than happy to spend that time with him, and for the most part, he did amazingly well. They hadn’t been apart for that long yet, and were a little worried about how he would react, but he’s a little trooper! (Gramma has a broken arm and had already made plans for some of that afternoon, so I did most of the actual babysitting-Gramma made sure he had lots of frozen blueberries to eat, and Grampa sprayed him with the hose while washing Gramma’s car!)

He woke up from his nap in the early afternoon, and was not happy to find that Mommy and Daddy had left him with some random people (we had made a point of Skyping as much as we could in the weeks leading up to their visit, since they live in Edmonton). However, he calmed right down after I handed him that apple, and he carried it around with him for the next 5 hours, taking the cutest little baby bites right from it (and dropping it in various places, including the bucket of hot soapy water that Grampa was using to wash the car with).

At one point, I came out of the bathroom to find him squatting on the dining table with the proudest smile on his adorable little face, dunking my phone into my coffee cup. Oh, it was hard to decide whether I should laugh or cry, but I mostly laughed. (The phone was fine after an overnight bath of rice.)

My little buddy doesn’t speak much yet, but he does know who he is- “Me me me me!” he says, when you ask who he is. He’s recently started blowing kisses, great big wide-open smacking kisses that are just so heart-melty to see.

I’m so happy and proud of my big brother when I see him with his son. He hadn’t had a lot of experience with little tiny babies (like a lot of men), but he’s a great dad. He rubs his stubble all over his son’s back and tummy, and makes him squeal with delight. However, it is a bit weird seeing so many of my brother’s features on a little dude.

Last weekend, I was in Edmonton! (Sadly, the nephew and his parents were still in Vancouver, but I did get to see my younger brother one evening.)

My best friend got married!

They’ve been together for 3 years, and have spent almost a year together in Vancouver, almost a year together in Mexico City (where he is from), nearly a year apart, and then have been together in Edmonton since January. I could not ask for a more wonderful man for my best friend. It was with so much pride and so much joy that I got to be among the small group who got to be there to celebrate their love.

The ceremony was held on the terrace of the Edmonton Art Gallery, and other than some sirens in the middle of the ceremony, it was perfect. They had both written their own vows, and there was not a dry eye in the place.

The reception took place at a neat little wine bistro called Moriarty’s, just a block and a half away from the gallery. The food was great, the venue was great, and they had the most awesomest staff on.

I’m lucky in that public speaking doesn’t bother me that much, so I said a few words as a toast, and set the tears off again. I am pretty sure I was crying tears of happiness for about 8 hours straight.

I was getting ready to cab back to my brother’s place at 12:30, when the venue was closing, when the groom told me we’d be heading out for more drinks at another bar. I tried to say that I was tired, but he overruled me, telling me it was his wedding and I had to come out. Who am I to argue with the groom?

I ended up getting back to my brother’s at 4 am, only to have my Visa declined by the cabbie. I had to call my brother, crying, to come and save me. His visa was then declined, showing it was all the machine’s fault! I was lucky enough to sleep in til 12:30, even sleeping through my nephew banging on my door (they had come home the day before).

You know it’s a good party when you have to make yourself throw up at the airport before you get on your plane home.


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